Our Mission Statement


Centered in the Eucharist and Gospel values, the parishes of St. Ann and St. Joseph welcomes all who share the treasure of the Catholic Faith and those seeking to be part of the faith. We nurture Faith formation for all ages and strive to reach out to the entire community.





St. Joseph's Church





St. Joseph’s Church

83 Maple Street

Mooers, NY 12958

St. Ann’s Church

3066 State Route 11

Mooers Forks, NY 12959




The parishes of St. Ann and St. Joseph in the town of Mooers are very active parishes. They are situated in the farmlands of the North Country. The economic situation of our country and sometimes the governmental lack of support have had a lot to do with bankrupting many of our farms. Here, the bedrock of our country is slowly fading away.


Parishioners of all age groups are very active in our parishes. All age groups are represented at our weekend Masses and we are happy to have such a cross section of parishioners. We welcome entire families. A child’s voice at Mass is a promise of the future.

Our religion classes are taking a more active part in our weekend Masses. Instead of just attending and responding, they take part in planning the Mass and perform various approved ministries for their ages. We look forward to these Masses.


Our teens are very active in our church community through their dedication to their service projects. They help at our fund raisers (June Bazaar, Harvest Dinner, Craft Sale, etc.); they take part in liturgical ministries; according to their age. We are especially happy about the large number of altar servers at the weekend Masses.


Our weekend Masses are well celebrated. We have active liturgical and musical ministries.


Faith is shared through sermons and homilies.